Friday, April 24, 2009


hello lovely friends!
i have been absent...but i just finished my last exam today!
time to get back to blogging. maybe i'll do a big update post.
but in more exciting news
i'm going to...
May 5-12

I've been there once before 5 years ago and me and my best friend are going back.
So, what I need from you is suggestions!
where should i go? what should i do?
hotspots? shopping?
All of your help will be appreciated. I want to make sure we don't miss anything!

and now some more pictures I took from the first time I went and fell in love...


Shannon said...

Oh, you just broke my heart. :(
I have made it a mission to get to NY one day!
Oh, also agree with you about post below...the girl on the left is insanely gorg.

Jennifer said...

Amazing! You will have a lovely time! I can't wait to see the photos! Glad you're back! XOXO

frances said...

AMAZING photos.
I am super jealous of you.
And I'm so happy you're back! x

sarah said...

my bf and i are planning on either going here or washington, totally different vibes haha but either are glorious! it seems there are all kinds of stores in NY not available elsewhere but europe, like uniqlo, topshop, and some others... check those out!
happy friday xo s!!

Lisa said...

hi girl!


ok definitely check these out:

and barneys co-op
opening ceremony
rags-a-go-go (vintage)
resurrection (vintage)
marc by marc jacobs
khiels (skincare)
pippin (vintage jewels, so cheap + pretty)
century 21

a few to start you off with:)
have the most amazzzzing time.


Stompface said...

ohh you are back in blog town. Huzzah.

I have a really good NYC suggestion for you, and that is to take me with you :)


Anonymous said...

ahhh chica youre coming at the perfect time, the weather is starting to get awesome

for shopping id say hit up topshop its really expensive but they you have to go just to see it, its insane in there. also try to go to bedford avenue in williamsburg, theyres tons of vintage shops there, definitely go to beacons closet and cause its warm people are starting to do crazy street sales

lulu said...

Hey girl,

here's my list:

Opening Ceremony
Dear55 (vintage, CdG, Yohji, etc)
Rick Owens (just to view its awesomeness)
Limi Feu/ Yohji Yamamoto (ditto)
Tokio 7/ Tokio Joe's (vintage/ designer consignment)

Maxfish (fun dive bar, lower east side)
Tribeca Grand
66Sick party at Happy Endings

Haaave fun :)

lulu said...

Oh yeah, and DUH, TOPSHOP

Isquisofrenia said...

i was in NY last month you HAVE to go to TOPSHOP its like a must=)

Chelsea Marks said...

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for the love! For show listings check out the websites brooklynvegan, ohmyrockness, toddp, or the onion's website decider. I'm going to try to see Vetiver at the Bell House in Park Slope on Thursday. Lucky Dragons, an experimental band from LA, is playing at The Stone in the city, but unfortunately I'm going to miss them because I'm working.

It looks like the previous commenters have the places to shop covered. I work at Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg and we have the most reasonable prices for vintage. Stop by on Friday or Saturday and say hi while I'm working!

If I can help with anything else email at

Safe trip!

hannah + landon said...

Hi Jordan!
we're just discovering the city too! we live in williamsburg and it has so far been very kind to us; i recommend coming over to this end and poking about. other than that i really love the met and the museum of natural history which are both admission by donation and located in central park! enjoy your time here! it's dreamy!
warmest regards,

littlemolly said...

Oh my goodness, I just came back from New York after living there for 4 months! Go to Williamsburg, so many vintage shops and coffee shops and generally just an amazing place!
Go to Beacon's closet and Buffalo exchange.

Have an amazing time. I miss it loads. Boo booo booo! love love.