Sunday, March 1, 2009

school marm

i dream in skin scented sentences of a stronger faster fiercer you
and to each noun, verb and predicate i dedicate a vivid hue
but you ain't done too well getting past your permanent pastel have you now?
yes, the desert seemed so promising and then it paled somehow
-ani difranco
i got this jacket from value village, but i never know what to wear it with. it has so much potential but the cut sucks. like very tapered at the wrist and wide in the pit. harhar. i wasn't at the bar long enough to take off my jacket anyway...le sigh.

this is what i actually left the house in
and now for your amusement...
more dangerous driving
over to milap's house for a late night doobie sesh. i have 6 nicknames for milap: flap, flappy, flop, floppy, flip flop, and flap jack. isn't floppy the worst nickname ever? it conjures up images of a flacid penis. he hates it, btw.
his room kinda rules though.
and this is me showing off the "versitility" of the aa circle scarf...AS IF. i mean, i know i said i hated it when i got it but it has done me good throughout the frigid canadian winter (that is def not close to over even though it's march). why do they need to market it as so versitile it could be worn as a dress? it clearly cannot.

ps if you read my blog, leave me a comment to let me know you were here! according to my comments, only 20-25 people read my blog. i was hoping to feel much more special than this.

...time to go.


Stompface said...

I'm over here! Reading your blog. As I type.

I have not heard of this scarf that they are marketing as a dress. How normal.


sarah said...

love that blazer. i can see what you mean about the cut though. i really want to get a circle scarf x

Amelia StyleDownUnder said...

i'm here too! i've linked you on my blog a little while ago, hope you don't mind :) and i've been curious about the aparent versatility of the aa circle scarf - not too good? xx

Lisa said...

ooo i love the nude blazer.
VV has some true gems!
i would totally wear it with bf jeans + killer black pumps.

goodluck with the raw-ness!
i would go nuts ;)

hope it was not toooo cold this weekend.


Jen said...

I really like the jacket! But I see what you mean about it. Those trousers are SO GOOD.

sparkzspot said...

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Nice cool blog.. Keep up the good work. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate.. Cheers!!!

M. said...

Hi dear,

you know I read your blog ;) And I'm loving it :D

By the way I only leave comments for a very few special blogs;)


businessiscasual said...

I love the jacket. MAybe over a full high waist skirt?

sarah said...

the jacket i love. the cut of the collar and that color brown with black and your platinum hair is awesome!! try rolling or hemming the sleeves a bit shorter?

xo s

frances said...

I'm heeere. Would it make you feel better if I anonymously comment loads of times calling myself different names? Cos I will if you like.
That jacket is laaavly, and I feel sorry for your flaccid pal, you've just published his awful nickname over the old internet. Hahaha. x

Isquisofrenia said...

I cannot get enough of those disco pants ,they are so wicked cool

this wheel's on fire said...

"it conjures up images of a flacid penis" hahaha i was thinking that!!

you look fan-fcking-tastic :)

Anonymous said...

do you sew? you could take apart the sleeve and make it fit quite easily if you do... if you dont, take it to a tailer if you think its worth it and they can make it fit however you like!

Isquisofrenia said...

girl , i got them at urban outfitters
you should get a pair ,you would look gorgeous!!
by the way im gonna put your awesome blog under my links

Anonymous said...

the first pics are great, love the jacket

K. said...

i do read your blog too, all the way from germany haha. keep it up x

Anonymous said...

hey chica i read your blog every day tho i dont always leave a comment

erikas said...

Great outfits:) How come I haven´t come across with your blog before?? its great!! Furthermore I am so jealous that you got to see Cat Power. She is one of my favorite singer! Where did you see her?

Leah said...

i love the look where you're all bundled up, so chic! i think the jacket is fab with the disco pants!

filthy lust said...

loved that big jacket you left the house in, so cool.

lisa @ luxe said...

such a great jacket & love the glasses too!

from las vegas

alexandra said...

those shiny pants are amazing on you! xx

claire said...

I love your blog!
I'm just a spectator in the world of fashion blogs but this is definitely one of my faves.

c x

fritha louise said...

love your coat, it looks so warm!