Friday, March 13, 2009


sorry for disappearing
i'm insanely busy with uni for the next 5 weeks or so...
and i spend all my spare time in the kitchen making raw concoctions
and in general, i feel happy. which is a rare sight.

i recorded a song and put it up on youtube...this is what i look like doing it. not sure you'll get to hear what i sound like...


Stompface said...

Oh oh! I want to hear!
I have a feeling it will be very amazing, as you have very very good taste in music. OH YES YOU DO. Don't deny it, not that you would, because it is very good. I talk too much.


this wheel's on fire said...

i agree ^^. want to hear!! you look lovely :)

this wheel's on fire said...

hehe i loved that pluto comment :D

TheMinx said...

thank you! It's by Acne and it can be found on the La Garconne website. I agree, it's beautiful.

M. said...

Oh please let us hear, I'm sure you're so good!

Ah, and thanks for informing me about the shorts(!!!!) I didn't see it until you wrote it! wow. I really like it even more now 8)

Enjoy your happiness sweetie, hope it lasts for a loooong time :)


LoveMore said...

oh i bet your music is beautiful and rocking! and YAY for being happy. you look cute with your guitar hon. xxx LM

sarah said...

you look so sunny and beautiful!
and i would looove to hear your music, if you feel like sharing.. who is your favorite female vocalist?

Frickys said...

You look lovely, dear!!!
Still amazed of your hair ♥♥♥

Beauty of Expression said...

You should have left a link for us so we can go hear your recording....get on that!! ;p lol

I have been raw for 65 days is awesome..we do have a lot in common actually. I sing also and I used to model a bit in my old life...I am an old girl ya know...hehee

Have a fabulous day..oh ps..I am a graphic designer also...I noticed you hated the blog award pics...if you have some ideas let me know I can pretty much design anything you can come up with.


stylorectic under medical treatment said...

i want to hear it!did i say that i <3 your hair?