Sunday, February 22, 2009

no way jose!

The elusive Stompface "tossed" these in my direction! Both of them! Can you believe it?!
I'm flattered, but mostly by the thought.
You see, the designs are HIDEOUS. No way am I putting these on my blog!

You'd think that in the fashion blogosphere we'd have something...well, better than this.
So I'm going to design a new one...or maybe you should since the only thing I have on my computer is microsoft paint. Hah! When I do, I'll repost it and then send it off as I see fit!
But, I also don't deserve these this week. I have been slacking!
I had 178 posts waiting for me on my bloglovin!
Now that's intense.

So, someone design savvy should reinvent the above monstrosities and then let me know...


C a t r i n a said...

i LOVE this idea!

these really are hideous.:D:D


frances said...

I thought about redesigning them when I got them but frankly, I'm a bit lazy. Maybe I'll procrastinate and do it today. x

Stompface said...

hahhah i thought the same thing. They are not pretty.

Fantastic idea at redesigning them.


N said...

Haha yeah I recently got one too. It is pretty...ugly. Hm, maybe if I want to avoid homework, I'll come up with a new one.

Oh microsoft paint...I'm a master at it but now I got photoshop which makes me miss paint since its soo damn complicated.

Anyways love your blog!

x Natalie

esther said...

that is such a good idea. you are tempting me with taking on this oh-so-important task. and if i do, i will be sure to toss one your way. but who am i to redesign these (in)famous awards?

...anyway. we'll see.