Sunday, February 8, 2009

new city

so i actually went out thursday friday AND saturday! (i don't go out often)but it wasn't even that amazing though. oh well, i looooooove getting dressed up and i definitely took advantage of the opportunity. these are from friday, tonight's are coming!
i found this brown fur coat for TEN DOLLARS at value village! can you believe it? if one of those lame vintage stores had snatched it up before me guaranteed it would have gone for 100 bones or something. anyway, i didn't end up wearing the white granny sweater underneath and yes, the glasses came out. but i get lots of compliments on them! do you think I should get my prescription lenses put in them? or are they too impractical? anyway, everything i'm wearing is thrifted except for the aa disco pants (obv).


Stompface said...

holy moly. 10 dollars. That is the best bargain in the world. YES THE WHOLE WORLD. I have run many surveys on this.

You look gorgeous in it, so I think it found the perfect owner.

the pony tail with those glasses = rad

and hooray for music soulmates!


Leoona said...

I love all of these outfits! Looking very good! ;)

M. said...

Jordan bella :)

Ah yes, I had a super nice evening.

Looks like you had a great time too!! At least dressing up, the jeans vest, disco pants combo + the glasses is so good. And the fur coat, such a great deal.

Love your header by the way

Have a wonderful Sunday sweetie


Lisa said...

hey girl!

value village is LOVE!
i am so glad you snatched that beauty up, before the OTHERS got their hands on it.

oh i totally have prescription glasses like that!
they make me feel extra smart, because they are extra nerdy!

hope all is well beauty.


frances said...

You look brilliant, I love your hair. And the outfits are ideal! x

Jennifer said...

Great outfit! Love the pants and the glasses!

hande's closet said...

wow cool pics love ur denim vest so much

hande's closet said...

wow cool pics love ur denim vest so much

Ariella said...

The fur coat is gorgeous and that is such a bargain! I love your glasses too... I am looking for some like that.

Anonymous said...

i love the way you wear these aa pants

FOXYMAN said...

that jacket is incredible. and you look gorgeous in that outfit!