Friday, February 27, 2009

Ming Wai

Yay! I made it out of the house again this week!
Sorry for being boring lately, I was sick all reading week and feeling like poo, but finally got dressed up last night.
I went and say my friend Jasmine and some other people play an acoustic set at Savoy and then we headed to a club for one of the owner's birthdays. I made some new friends, things are looking up!
(And Thursday was my 50 days raw vegan mark!
I promise a big post dedicated to my experience a-sap!)

aa disco pants (duh) payless boots aa raglan thrifted belt

bif shots!

jasmine her sister justine and amber
andy and jasmine. holy fierce right?


Francheska said...

I absolutely love your pants in the first few photos!
and cropped sweater!
amaazing! :)

Delmy said...

I think I am obsessed with the Disco pants. They are super comfortable and they just go with EVERYTHING!

Thanks for the comment. I like your blog.

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Styleseeking Zurich said...

your fur coat is amazing!! <3
have a wonderful weekend!


this wheel's on fire said...

yay for raw vegan!! i'm a vegan but not raw. i probably only eat raw a few meals a week. i love you even more now ;)

trigg and trig. said...

Nice hair! Cool belt!

filthy lust said...

yes please, those pants are killer!

N said...

You were made for disco pants.

& I totally get what you mean by wanting nice bags but not wanting to buy leather. They are so friggin expensive but I always love the style of them sadly... :(

I love your hair btw.

x Natalie

Connie Hsiu said...

oh thank you!

i love these photgraphs, your first look is amazing-i wish i could pull that off!

love this

closeup said...

Oh, these pants are so hot, I already saw them at Karla from Karla's Closet. But of course they look much better on you! =)

Lisa said...

you are so sweet jordan!

oh my. i think NO one wears the disco's like YOU.

wow- 50 days raw vegan ? how the heck girl!
i have been veg for 6 years now, but i could never ever do raw!!! unless i ate cereal for 50 days straight ( i have a cereal addiction ;) )

ah sick over spring break?
sometimes when you get a break, your body has "time" to get sick...
glad to see you feeling better.
hope spring comes soon over there!

have a wonderful weekend


i definitely think i will go beachy blonde-ish but nothing too crazy. i am a tad scared of bleach....hmmmm

Stompface said...

Those disco pants look so good on you. I am loving your hair styled like that too. Too cool for words is what you are.


C a t r i n a said...

Never seen anyone wearing this outfit so well!
It suits you amazingly !!
You really look stunning :)

closeup said...

oh wooow, your legs seem like endless!

thanks for your funny post.. when I grow up I wanna be anna wintour ^^

Jen said...

You look fantastic in those pants ! Amazing. Looks like a fun night xx

frances said...

I still haven't seen anyone look this good in Disco Paaaynts. You've got a figure to DIE for, and you just look overall wicked. x

LoveMore said...

you look SO hot miss! and wow to raw vegan, that is intense. also you remind me a little of sandy at the end of grease?! haha i love it!!!!
great pics, venue looks rad :)

xx love LM

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit.
You have the nicest legs.

ImiLoa said...

Great outfits <3 I esp. love the fur!!!


Call Me Cat said...

love those shoes :)

kaitlyn said...

i'm dying for the disco pants, mannn. i just don't want to fork up the 90 bucks. haha. great outfit.

frenchie jane said...

you look gorgeous! congrats on the 50 days, that is so much more than I could ever manage! xo

Anonymous said...

Amazing style!

Anonymous said...

wowowoow, i love the outfit!
it's gorgeous,


amanda said...

thank you, dear:)

oh, those disco pants look like they are made for you!

Anonymous said...