Friday, January 9, 2009


i'm not fat...but my body shape and size definitely limits my wardrobe possibilities. i really have to pay attention to what flatters me and what doesn't. i wish these looks were on my "do" list:

most photos from cobrasnake
ps isn't the lil Milla Jovovich pic amazing?


kathleen said...

jordan, i'm you friend on chictopia (lalalanguage) and have been following your blog since you've mentioned it ... and i must honestly say that you have a FANTASTIC figure ... honestly. you look so good. you could pull off any of these styles. you appear to be very lean and toned --- ferrealgurrrl ..... you're already fearless with fashion, pursue all these looks now!!!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm same. Croptops and bandeaus (worn by themselves) are probably a no-go for me. But I am kind of infatuated by the idea of them.

Sigh, must live vicariously

Jordan said...

oh kathleeeen! you are way too sweet! your comment really made my week. the truth is, i have what you might call..."girl belly" haha. i can honestly say that me + croptop would not be cute. and that is ferrealgurrrrrrl!

LoveMore said...

you are right here! i love short shorts..and wear them often..but something about showing the tummy..i cringe! ill have to suck it up though i think! cool pics love :) xxx LM

frenchie jane said...

personally, I think you have a beautiful figure and you can pull off ANYTHING! Seriously, you are gorgeous.
frenchie x

Diane said...

i love love mila. she has a wonderful editorial in Muse this month. a dream girl.