Monday, January 26, 2009


So, like I mentioned a while ago, I've hid my secret love of nerd glasses for a couple years now. My desire to be unique/different can sometimes prevent me from following a trend...even if I dig it. So, clearly, this is dumb. And clearly, I have some now. They're so fun I want to wear them everyday!
thrifted white lace crop top
thrifted blazer
aa disco pants
payless lace up heeled oxfords

This is basically my uniform, disco pants and blazer, but hey it keeps things simple. I wore this risque lace crop top underneath, don't worry, the jacket never came off. So guess what I did when I was wearing this outfit? I saw...
Samantha Ronson!!!
Okay, lamest shit ever, worst night ever. I can't believe that this club paid her to bring her here.

1) She didn't look up ONCE the whole time I was watching her
2) She played top 40 hits a la Beyonce and Lady Gaga
3) She played TWO beyonce songs in a row and TWO lady Gaga songs in a row

She is ridiculous. Not that I was expecting much more, but honestly. I showed up for the novelty factor...strictly.


STARR said...

Disappointing about Miss Ronson. Like I said before though I really like the glasses on you <3

July Stars said...

Shiteous Ronson!!!

Jennifer said...

Cute outfit! Good times!

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Amazing outfit doll!
Definitely understand why this is your disco uniform!
Love it.
And Samantha Ronson, that is messed up.
Can't believe she dares call herself a Djette.
She sullies our good name.
Sorry you had to endure two beyonces in a row, must have been dreadful.

Lisa said...

hi love.
oh my i just got prescription glasses the other week & they are definitely super nerdy.
big & tortoise.

you look hotttttttttt.

i can't believe you were there.
i agree with everything you said.
my sister and i actually only stayed for about 20 minutes of her set.
she did not look up once...
poor form.
i just wanted to go to see what all the hype was!
oh well- now we know.
i have not been out to a bar in edmo in close to 2 years so i was taken a back by the lack of attire!
ah. some dresses should of been shirts!
i felt so old :/

have a lovely day.
it is warming......


Mcmaris said...

Love your glasses!! Love the disco pants on ya.....I rock my disco pants a lot as well. Love em!

SRO apparently isn't all that. Dually noted! Thanks!


Dooder City said...

Samantha Ronson is so over hyped. Talk about someone riding on the coat tails of Lohan. Your glasses are super hot.

Hippy Chic said...

oh my, I can imagine that it was uncool. I would have thought she was some what hip, dating Lindsay L. and all. Hm. Your outfit is rockin out though!

frances said...

God, I hate Samantha Ronson. Hatred!

But you look amazing, I haven't seen anyone else pull those pants off like that, I even thought they looked a bit wrong in the AA adverts but you look brilliant in them.

Anonymous said...

love the lace top!

9to5 said...

HAHAHA! Was LLo there too? Awesome. How shiteous.

Styleseeking Zurich said...

yayyy for the nerd glasses!


Styleseeking Zurich said...

Sooo FINALLY I can leave comments on your blog, too! I had problems using Firefox but I just found out now that this embedded comment thing works on IE, so here I am (I often checked out your blog but duh, you didn't notice) :(

The disco pants look great on you, I saw you on chictopia wearing them!



Vintage Tea said...

At least you got to kinda see someone semi famous! The most famous person ive ever met was a scottish comedian i love franky boyle. He walked past me in glasgow one day and I nearly wet myself! lol

Check out


Krystal said...

i randomly think shes hot, i have nooo idea why. loving your look. x

xs said...

the glasses look great on you! i would do the same, but i need to wear mine anyway.

nat said...

love your look!

PUG and PIPS said...

that suxx about Samantha Ronson..but then again look at the crowd in your picture! it's hard to DJ when their is a hardly any crowd and no atmosphere.
I'm surprised she played top 40 though..I've never heard her DJ but for some reason I imagined her to Play lots of Detroit underground House tunes or something!!


TheMinx said...

I've slowly realized my great love for nerd glasses as well, don't worry :) And that sucks about ronson! you would think she'd be more hardcore than that...

Goldie Locks said...

You really make me want some disco pants :)

Goldie Locks said...
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mademoiselle g. said...

damn u wasted a great outfit to watch her select crappy songs... cmooooon!!!

u look fab tho... the crowd not so much...