Monday, January 12, 2009

My First Time

The lovely emma tagged me! My very first one!
I tag frenchie jane hande's closet noemi sunshine ferst

10 Things I Adore:
1. fashion blogs!
2. my sister's pug dog winston!
3. girls with guitars
4. how the sky turns purple when it snows at night
5. a wicked sense of humour
6. nerd glasses (even though i resisted the trend for years...i ordered some last night)
7. brown skin
8. red wine
9. the wood paneled walls in my basement!
10. celebrity boyfriends

10 Things I Loathe
1. how difficult it was to come up with 10 things i adore because i'm such a debbie downer
2. people who walk slow
3. that all my friends moved away last fall
4. my hair
5. not calling when you said you would
6. people who ask dumb questions in class
7. when people say that things are "retarded", "gay", or when they call someone a "pussy"
8. the frigid cold
9. hiccup-burps
10. celebrity boyfriends

5 Random Facts About Myself
1. I've been a vegetarian for 6 years and I just began the raw food diet/lifestyle 6 days ago...
2. I've totally stopped wearing bras (except under sheer tops obv)
3. I am a passionate feminist
4. I once had a mohawk
5. I was going to go to theatre school to be a broadway star...but i chose an academia instead


Bettina said...

Love this post!! :D

LoveMore said...

great facts hon! i HATE slow walkers too...and i totally never wear bras either. it's the best. love it.
cool bathroom shots too :)
xx LM

Anonymous said...

ah woman i totally agree slow walkers killllll me and bras are unnecessary

frenchie jane said...

thank you for the tag!
I'm a vegetarian too!

KATLIN said...

I'm sure if I lived where it snowed, I too would love the sky when it turns purple!!

Daphne said...

i wanna be tag!