Wednesday, January 14, 2009

inner outer wear

So like WOW. I am totally into this look. Ever since seeing the picture of Z in her lil white bustier i've been obsessed with finding something similar and incorporating it into my wardrobe.

here are a few examples of using black bustiers...

but here's the thing...I'm weirdly enamored with (caucasian) FLESH TONE garments
I think that this would give the look a quirky unexpected twist...and un-hoochify it.
I'd also make sure it was a noticeably different color than my skin. I'm pretty pale so I wouldn't actually appear nude.
okay imagine this...
nerd glasses
high waisted trousers
a half bun a la wang
and i have no idea what would go over top of it
it was hard finding examples in the color i'd like...but this is the general idea
ps. strapless is key

so what do you think?
am I crazy?
could this work?


KATLIN said...

Love that first look too!! The baggy pants really un-slutify the bustier! :)

Nike said...

love the all of them, im so tempted to buy one now.

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Love bustier.
I must own at least a dozen.
But I must say, I quite like the idea of the nude coloured one.
Definitely not crazy and absolutely will work.

Anonymous said...

ah yes yes yes! i bought one at h&m but i feel a little too naked when i wear it but i think you could pull it off!

Mariee said...

great outfits!

Sophie said...

wow, this is an amazing post. it's so detailed, and you write so well! plus, i think your idea is wonderful!

pennerad said...

i think it's an amazing idea. ive always loved the idea of bustiers also but the one i have i've rarely worn. it's black; i wore it for halloween and was a hooker!

Hippy Chic said...

great look Lady! I dig all the inspirational photos too. Love your style/blog, Have a pleasant Sunday :)))