Friday, January 9, 2009

guilty pleasure

I broke my perezhilton habit this summer when i was in bed with the stomach flu for like 4 days. It was so bad, I couldn't even check my daily celeb gossip site. Anyway, it's a friday night and I'm clearly at home (would you go out in -30c?)so I dropped in and came across this photo of Heidi Montag from the Hills. Perez thought it was lame, but I think I kinda like it! I mean, I have my issues with overt consumerism and branding etc.'s kinda cute...and its CHANEL!
and how about in white!


rebeca said...

hahaha fantastic:)

Maverick said...

Those are actually really cute! Love them :)


Anonymous said...

i love crazy nail designs!

and i tagged you!

frenchie jane said...

these are awesome! I really want to do something decent with my half chewed nails now!