Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! I have been tres busy with all of my friends being back in town, I'm having so much fun! This is what I wore to Christmas dinner at my Mom's house. I was outrageously overdressed but that's what I do best!
purple vintage dress
white vintage pumps
white tights

I have to teach my sister how to take proper outfit pictures

Me and my Grandma Evelyn! She is so old and has been in the hospital for the past 9 months, but she is hi-larious.

Me and my sister opening presents. I look a lil nogged out.

And just because he is the cutest thing in the world, my sister's pug, WINSTON!!!
I wonder what he's thinking...

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Leah said...

i absolutely love your outfit with your hair. you and your sis are so cute!! i hope you have a great NYE!