Friday, December 19, 2008

thrifting adventure part one

I went to Value Village on tuesday, a gigantic second hand store. This is one of those places where you have to dig, and you have to get there before all the vintage stores that buy things and then sell them for triple the price! Anyway, I spent $150 which can get you ALOT at a thrift store. I've been thrifting since junior high and I think I've developed quite the knack for finding amazing pieces. Here's a little sample of what I came up with!
okay, yes i know this dress is intense. but there was something about it that made me go "SOLD!". it has the largest shoulder pads in the entire freaking world! and the shiny animal print sold me. i was thinking of hemming it into a mini-mini, but it still retains a little bit of class at this length, no?
i had to buy this! it fit me like a dream! in fact, i actually bought a huge suit dress thing a while ago to sew into a dress a la this...looks like that will no longer by necessary. i love the gold buttons down the length and the sexy criss-cross in the back. i'm going to be hemming it just a little bit, i have it folded up in the side photos.
I wasn't totally sure about purchasing this dress, but i did anyway, clearly. it has that cutesy 90's vibe that i love that can be totally grunged up with the right styling. it's super comfy and it has pockets! yay!

ok that's all for now, and please excuse the mismatched nail polish (and lack thereof)! i was experimenting.

and now i'm off to get my hair done finally! 6 months of roots! 6 months!


Anonymous said...

great finds! i love that silver dress.

and i linked you!

stylorectic under medical treatment said...

cool, another familiar face!i like roots x) like especially the 2nd dress.banginbacksight.

Shini said...

ohhh I stumbled upon your blog and recognised you :D loove the second dress, what a find!

Song of Style said...

i heart the second dress.
super hot!

Lisa said...


i was there last week.
it requires heaps of digging BUT i love it.

great finds!!!


Hanna said...


my feet is really big irl:--D everyhing but tiny.

you are so cute in those pics.

SOS! said...

First dress is hawt!

xx-LJ from SOS!

Leah said...

this is great...i loooove that second dress with all the crazy crisscrossing in the back!!

this wheel's on fire said...

Such amazing finds!! The roots actually suit you my dear xo

maisie #1 and #2 said...

wow! the gold dress is AH-MAZING!