Tuesday, December 23, 2008

party weekend continued

Sunday night I went to a Christmas party at my friend Sean's house. I did a slight variation on the previous night's look but I thought hey, it's the new me. gotta represent.

vintage fur coat
aa disco pants
navy silk pocket tank forever 21
vintage lil boys blazer
vintage lace up booties
there were indie style christmas carols in the basement!
they even had the lyrics projected on the wall!
me and my friend karly gettin excited with the tree
doin some dance moves
timer photo shoot
and LARRY!!!
we used to be in love
when we were 15
he was really cute haha
i went to bed at 4am and had to work at 9am
it was brutal-ity
i had so much fun though
all my friends are back in town i finally feel like i have a life again
went shopping with my bff today
can't wait to show you what i got!


Anonymous said...

im really gonna have to get these pants

Styleseeking Zurich said...

thanks for adding us to your blog list! we added you tooooo : )
merry christmas.

THE BAT said...

ahh i love the fur!