Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boost Me Up

Ever since seeing this photo of Z Berg of The Like on The Cobrasnake I have been searching the internet for something similar

which led me to hours spent drooling over Chloe Sevigny's collection for Opening Ceremony which included this top

also seen on Alessandra Terresani on The Selby

then I kinda figured out that TopShop was selling something similar this past year

and now I found one on Ebay! But it's tres expensive and also might be a bit tight on me...British sizes are weird. But imagine if I sewed in leather(looking)side panels or something! Totally unrealistic purchase for my wallet and body type but iwantiwantiwant!


Lisa said...

yay for your blog!

boo for the cold!

looking good beautiful!


Jenny Cindy said...

That top is wonderful, I was already lusting over it in summer when it came out. Too bad it's so expensive, I love its retro chic look. Did you see the dress version of it? It was gorgeous...very 50ties.

Thanks for linking me ^o^ You blog is great to far, keep up the good work!